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Kentucky Lemon Law

Arbitration Statutes

When you purchase a new automobile, you may have the right to participate in an arbitration system with the manufacturer and, perhaps, have your car repurchased as a "lemon." The statutes providing for arbitration and repurchase of a lemon were written separately so your car may not qualify as a "lemon" but you may still be entitled to an arbitration hearing. These laws apply to the manufacturers and not to the dealers. New cars leased after July 15, 1998 will be covered under the New Car Lemon Law.

Kentucky Lemon Law requires manufacturers of new motor vehicles to provide purchasers of new motor vehicles with a cost-free informal dispute resolution system. The decision is binding on the manufacturer but not the consumer. You qualify if:

Note: Motor vehicles leased after July 15, 1998 are subject to the terms of this statute only under the New Car Lemon law; i.e., they are only covered for 12 months or 12,000 miles as explained below.

New Car Lemon Law
In Kentucky, manufacturers are required to repurchase an automobile if it is determined to be a "lemon." You can file a suit in a circuit court but you must first go through the manufacturer's arbitration system. To qualify as a lemon:

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